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Don and Pete Golf Oregon
June 25, 2024
Courses Played


29 to go!

Don's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Eugene Country Club

2. Black Butte/Big Meadow

3. Pronghorn (Nicklaus)

4. Aspen Lakes

5. Tokatee

Pete's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Chehalem Glenn

2. Salishan

3. Diamond Woods

4. Centennial

5. Black Butte/Big Meadow

Oregon Golf Course Overview
Updated On: Apr 118, 2017

"How many courses are there in Oregon?"

We get that question a lot when people learn about The Quest. And you'd think there'd be a really simple answer like 197 or 202 or whatever. Actually, the answer is this: it depends on how you count them.

Several courses have closed since we began this adventure, and a couple have opened. But beyond that, here's why the answer isn't so easy. Eagle Crest Resort, for example, has three distinct courses: Challenge, Resort and Ridge. That counts as three and is pretty straight forward. Resort at the Mountain has three distinct nines. (Ditto Charbonneau.) Three courses, or one course of 27 holes? We've come down on the side of the latter. But how about the Bayou in McMinnville, which has a 9-hole regulation course, plus a separate 9-hole, Par 3 course that simply isn't played in conjunction with the regular nine? Our verdict? Two courses.

Meriwether National in Hillsboro stretches the question further. It has three regular nines, a la Resort at the Mountain, plus a short nine. Arbitrarily, our panel of judges (two, Don and Pete) say two courses at Meriwether — one composed of the regulation 27 holes and the other the short 9-holer. Additionally, under our definition, any course with only nine greens counts as a 9-hole, even if it has two sets of different tee boxes in an effort to make 18. Doesn't make us "right" or someone else "wrong," that's just how we've chosen to tally them.  

Then in 2017 the folks at Silvies Ranch Resort threw up a new conundrum: a reversible course with tees and greens at the end of each fairway. One day you play the Grant Course in one direction, the next you play the Harney Course — using the same fairways — the other direction. Today's dogleg right is tomorrow's dogleg left, and such. That's two courses.

So at this moment, our answer to the question is 217. But again, that number is squishy. Our list of 217 includes the Eagle Crest Putting Course. Why? Partly because it's fun, but mostly because it has (or had, when we played it) its own logo ball for our displays. We are aware that some other resort complexes have putting courses; we don't know if they have their own logo balls or not. If so, they'll get added! Our list also includes the Avalon Park Pitch & Putt in Florence, which barely qualifies as a "course." But hey, we played it during Golf Week 2012, so it counts. Again, as you can see, defining "How many courses?" is at least a little bit arbitrary.

If you're sharp, you may also have noticed that our "Courses Played" box on this website's front page totals 221, not 217. That's because four courses that we've played — Battle Creek in Salem, Colonial Valley in Grants Pass, Colwood National in Portland and Eagles on the Green in Eugene — have since closed. Others closed before we got to them. Are there any new courses coming? See our Course Watch section for golf course construction news, we try to keep you as up-to-date on that front as we can.

All that said, here is our current list of Oregon courses in PDF format that you can download, print and mark off as you play them!

Don and Pete Golf Oregon
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