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Don and Pete Golf Oregon
June 25, 2024
Courses Played


29 to go!

Don's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Eugene Country Club

2. Black Butte/Big Meadow

3. Pronghorn (Nicklaus)

4. Aspen Lakes

5. Tokatee

Pete's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Chehalem Glenn

2. Salishan

3. Diamond Woods

4. Centennial

5. Black Butte/Big Meadow

Don's Blog

Just a note here to tell you that I have disqualified Chehalem Glenn and the Eagle Crest courses from consideration in my Top 5 listing you'll find on this website's front page. No, neither has done anything wrong, it's just that I cannot be objective about them.

The Ridge Course at Eagle Crest is actually my favorite golf course in Oregon, but that ranking incorporates great memories from our years at Eagle Crest as timeshare owners. In the case of Chehalem Glenn, I was instrumental — through my role on the Chehalem Park & Receation District's Board of Directors — in the 13-year process we went through to get the course built. Ergo, there's another part of me that says Chehalem Glenn is my favorite Oregon course.

So the easy way out is for me to simply take them out of the "top courses" equation; they are always my sentimental co-Number Ones.

Apr 05, 2017
An update on life and logo balls
Jun 13, 2015
An interesting coincidence occurred June 13 as Pete and I were playing the par 3 Lake Oswego Municipal course. About three or four groups behind us was a seven-some, followed by an eight-some. I saw a seven-some a few years back at the private Coquille Valley Elks course, but I'd never seen an eight-some. Turns out these two groups included Special Olympics athletes and coaches.

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