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Don and Pete Golf Oregon
June 25, 2024
Courses Played


29 to go!

Don's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Eugene Country Club

2. Black Butte/Big Meadow

3. Pronghorn (Nicklaus)

4. Aspen Lakes

5. Tokatee

Pete's Top 5 Courses To Date

1. Chehalem Glenn

2. Salishan

3. Diamond Woods

4. Centennial

5. Black Butte/Big Meadow

Yeah, it's been awhile …
Updated On: Apr 96, 2017
Ball display number two, which currently begins with Black Butte and ends with Umpqua. That will soon change.

"Where have you been?" Yes, it's been some time since our last article update (done earlier today), or my last blog post. I just want to assure everyone that things are A-OK. Without going into too many personal details, Pete simply had to hit "reset" on the life button — in a good way — when he got married some two years ago. There was his house, her house, some new (for Pete) full-time grandchildren, and you know, it just took some time for everything to settle out. His wife Steph is a close friend and she's great and fully supports our adventure, and again, everything is just fine.

So now … we are officially back on "The Quest." And I am back-tracking with some success on missing logo balls. My wife has family in Corvallis, so for over two years now I have stopped in at Trysting Tree every six months or so to see if they (finally) had new course logo balls in stock. They kept trying to sell me a Beaver ball, and I kept politely (mostly) explaining to them they were barking up the wrong tree to this Duck grad — no Beaver ball in my display! 

Finally, on April 2, my persistence was rewarded. We were in Corvallis for the happy occasion of my son proposing to his girlfriend at Grandma's farm — she said yes — and on the way home I once again stopped at Trysting Tree. Lo and behold, on the countertop in the pro shop was a nice stash of logo balls. Score!

Buoyed by my success, and with some appointments in greater Portland the next day, I stopped by the Gresham Golf Club and Greenlea Golf Course in Boring, two other courses that were sans logo balls when we played them. Again, success at both venues! Feeling on a real roll, I'm in the process of e-mailing or calling several other courses where we struck out previously. Now, we're never going to get a Condon logo ball, as there's no clubhouse or attendants there — just an honesty box for your greens fees. But to date, I'm happy to report online success at both the Milton-Freewater and Kinzua Hills courses; as I write this, logo balls from each of those are in the mail to me.

The only downside to all this is the onerous task of updating my display(s). I'm on my third 72-ball display, and the balls are in order of when we played the courses. AND, to keep them from moving around, each one has a little artsy-crafty glue dot on the bottom. Those things stick pretty good over time, and Milton-Freewater and Kinzua were long enough ago that a lot of balls need to migrate one space or more to accommodate them going in their properly ordered place. That's not going to happen now until I have gone through the entire list of missing courses and ascertained for certain yes or no. But it's been a fun sideline of our Quest.

Don and Pete Golf Oregon
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